In October 2018 we received an invitation to the 24h Spa race in the Citroen C1 Cup Series. We were a bit reluctant, as how could it be fun to race in a Citroen C1 car for 24 hours? But it was great! Real grass root racing, + 100 cars on the grid with all the same specs, and so much fun. We are not the only one who like it as currently the C1 Cup is the most popular and also the biggest race series in the UK.

As we are Nordics, we do not usually fall in love by first sight. So we went again, this time in April 2019 for the 24h race at Silverstone. Again, tremendous amount of fun, very nice people, relaxed, no stress, no bullshit regulation etc., etc.

So now we are in love! So much, that we decided to build our own C1 Cup car. It was ready for the 24h Spa in October 2019 and finished the race in style. So now the car is in a firm relationship with us and available for rent. The car is built after the newest specifications, very easy to drive and very reliable.

If you want to have much fun on a low budget, this is the choice. Also, this race series is a good first step to get into endurance racing and get used to driving at night with cars around you etc., etc.

We offer arrive and drive packages where everything is taken care of, just show up with your license and racing gear, we take care of the rest. Prices starts as low at EUR 2,250 per driver for a 12h race and from EUR 3,000 for a 24h race. Race at Silverstone, Pembrey, Anglesey, Spa and other famous tracks, what's not to like!