Get a Nordschleife Permit with us

To race the Nürburgring/Nordschleife, you, in addition to your international race license (international C or higher), need a Nordschleife Permit from DMSB (the German Motorsport Association). It doesn’t matter who you are, you will need it. We know of several Le Mans drivers that despite their professional careers, vast experience and huge efforts to get an exemption had to go through the process.

It is actually not that complicated if you plan ahead. In short, it requires that you participate in a training session at Nordschleife and a subsequent not too difficult e-learning test. Once you passed that, you will get a Permit B which allows you to race the Nordschleife (VLN and RCN) in smaller race cars (as our Mini). Once you have gained practice in those races you can upgrade to a Permit A, allowing you to race the Nordschleife in any race car, in any race format, including the legendary ADAC 24h Nürburgring.

We have incoming drivers that have asked us to arrange the practicalities concerning getting the Permit A. If you want to join, send us an e-mail for dates, costs and requirements.